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Società Dante Alighieri Auckland (Registered Charity No. CC43454)

is a society for everyone who is interested in anything Italian.

The society exists to promote Italian language and culture in Auckland, organizing regular social and cultural events, and running language classes for adults and children.


The Dante Alighieri Society of Auckland is a branch of the Dante Alighieri Society headquartered in Rome. Founded in 1889, the society's principal aim is to promote Italian language and culture in the world by reinvigorating the ties that link Italians abroad with their country, and by encouraging a love for Italy among non-Italians.


The Society is named after Italy's most illustrious poet and author of the Divine Comedy. Born in Florence in the 13th century, he chose not to write his famous work in Latin, but used a new language, Italian, based on the regional dialect of Tuscany with some elements of Latin and other regional dialects.


Dante Alighieri Auckland is run by a group of volunteers. Committee elections are held at the Society's Annual General Meeting in February, and any society member is welcome to stand.


The current committee members are:

  • Sir John Kirwan, President

  • Flavia Berucci, Vice President

  • Zeyna Jalil, Secretary

  • Valeria Santillo, Treasurer

  • Cav. Sandra Fresia, School Director

  • Stefania Perrotta, Communications

  • Cav. Alessandra Zecchini, Matteo Telara, Luca Manghi, Fiorella Tomasi Kirwan, Kerri Fergusson

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